September Message from the President
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September message from the President

Fellow Members,

In a time when our industry is experiencing hard times, I am happy to inform you that the ICG Membership and Sponsor numbers are up and growing. I don't think one needs to look very deeply within our organization to see why. As many of you already know, and more discover daily, our new Website is a great improvement from the past. With our new multi-lingual forums we truly are an International Guild. A quick look at our forums and one sees that both our European and Asian sectors are not only enjoying, but using this new technology, starting threads, posting responses and creating new "circles" for everyone to share and gain from. I know I have said it before but it bears repeating, Well Done, Jacques, Frank and Gerald!

Additionally, I can now confirm, we the ICG will be making a first in Clubmaking organization history. The ICG will not only have an improved meeting room at the PGA show, but will have a tent and hitting bays at the Demo-Day as well. This advancement will afford the ICG the ability to gain membership, educate the public in custom fitting and most importantly really offer our sponsors a reason to continue to support the Guild. This idea has and is being confirmed with every conversation the BOD is having with our Sponsors.

The deadline for submitting COY applications is October 15th, who f you haven't completed yours yet, don't delay! Not ICG certified yet? Now is a perfect time as fall approaches to sign up for and get certified, our COY program is an annual event, January 2016 will be here before you know it. Financially, the ICG remains strong, even with the Website expense, which is already paid for, we currently retain approximately the same balance as the first of January 2014. We are always looking to improve, have an idea? Share it in a post, that is how the website and Demo-Day ideas got started.

ARE YOUR FRIENDS MEMBERS YET?  You can become a member here - and a sponsor here. 

Eddie Smith

ICG President 

Eddie in Montana (They have Palm Trees there?) playing with a client (notice the perfect impact pattern on the driver!)