Welcome to the home page of the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG).

Founded October 2008, the International Clubmakers Guild® (ICG) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization comprised of clubmakers, club fitters, repairmen, golf swing instructors, coaches, suppliers, equipment designers, engineers and scientists from all over the globe.

Whether you're a professional club maker, club fitter, hobbyist or just interested in learning more about fitting and building golf clubs - the ICG welcomes you.

The ICG is 100% independent, member-owned and operated. Our members determine the organization’s benefits, programs and deliverables.

One of our most important benefits is the continuing education provided by our webinar series. Each month the ICG hosts a webinar by industry leaders like Callaway Golf, Golf Digest, Tom Wishon and many others.  Enjoy several minutes from our latest webinar by clicking below.  Join today to see the entire webinar series.  Recorded webinars can be viewed with or without closed captioning.

The Benefits of Membership

If you asked ICG members which benefits they value the most, they probably would reply that while the camaraderie is nice, the real value comes from a combination of the level of professional development offered and the support they receive in raising their business acumen.

 Continuing Professional Education

The ICG is committed to continuing professional development , training, and certification for our members. ICG Certification is a mark of excellence for club makers and club fitters, demonstrating mastery of the latest technology and techniques in the golf industry. Our greatest success to date in professional development include an ongoing series of monthly live webinars from the golf industry's leading experts.

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September message from the President

In a time when our industry is experiencing hard times, I am happy to inform you that the ICG Membership and Sponsor numbers are up and growing. I don't think one needs to look very deeply within our organization to see why. As many of you already know, and more discover daily, our new Website is a great improvement from the past. With our new multi-lingual forums we truly are an International Guild. A quick look at our forums and one sees that both our European and Asian sectors are not only enjoying, but using this new technology, starting threads, posting responses and creating new "circles" for everyone to share and gain from.

I know I have said it before but it bears repeating, Well Done, Jacques, Frank and Gerald!

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