Welcome to the International Clubmakers Guild

Whether you're a professional club maker, club fitter, teaching professional or are just interested in learning more about fitting and building golf clubs - the ICG welcomes you.

One of our most important benefits is the continuing education provided by our webinar series. Each month the ICG hosts a webinar by industry leaders like Callaway Golf, Golf Digest, Tom Wishon and many others.  View clips from our latest webinars by clicking on our featured sponsors link.  Join now to see the entire webinar series.

Enjoy a clip from the ICG Bettinardi Putters webinar and 2 subsequent video's featuring Jerry Hoefling and Roy Kaltz, unveiling Roy's revolutionary APS Profiling Machine.  ICG members can watch the entire webinar in the member's only section.


Great Lakes Chapter of the ICG

The Great Lakes Chapter of the ICG held its Fall 2015 Meeting at Golfer's Advantage in Fenton, Michigan.  








The chapter is the blueprint for future regional chapters, including those forming in Europe and Asia.

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Autumn Message from the President

Congratulations to the Great Lakes Chapter for a very successful meeting! You are raising the bar for the ICG. To that end Europe is organizing their first Euro Chapter Meeting as well as Asia working for a fall meeting as well. Contact Augustin or Gerald for info on the European Meeting or Eric for the Asia meeting.

The BOD is researching the development of an ICG International list of top Builder/Fitters. The plan being to promote our members and the Guild and to increase our visibility with the media.

It's time to start thinking about the PGA Show, already. Frank continues to handle our relations with Reed and we are looking forward to upping our performance from last year (a lofty goal). Continued success will require more volunteers to step forward. Stay tuned for online sign up sheets.

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