Welcome to the home page of the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG).

Founded October 2008, the International Clubmakers Guild® (ICG) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization designed to service golf clubmakers, club fitters, club repairmen, PGA Professionals, swing teachers, suppliers, equipment designers, engineers and scientists from every aspect of the golf industry.

Whether you're a professional club maker, club fitter, hobbyist or just interested in learning more about fitting and building golf clubs - the ICG welcomes you.

The ICG is 100% independent, member-owned and operated. Our members determine the organization’s benefits, programs and deliverables.

One of our most important benefits is the continuing education provided by our webinar series.  Each month the ICG hosts a webinar by industry leaders like Callaway Golf, Golf Digest, Tom Wishon and many others.  Enjoy five minutes from our latest webinar by clicking below.  Join today to see the entire webinar series.  Recorded webinars can be viewed with or without closed captioning.  

The Benefits of Membership

If you asked an ICG member which of the benefits they value the most, they probably would say the camraderie and exchange of information which often occur at the same time and place.Sixteen different discussions forums allow for membership participation with up to date fitting procedures, clubmaking repairs, workbench skills and techniques making the forum the on line support for golf equipment professionals.  Among other Topics discussed include marketing, advertising, club fitting and many others.

Other benefits include continuing professional development (webinars, seminars and workshops at PGA show), club maker locater, and sponsor discounts.

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August message from the President

August has been a busy month for the ICG.

Our new Website is getting very close to being ready for everyone to see, invitations will be sent out to members and sponsors in the near future.  There are many features with this new site and an initial "get started" webinar will be held to help everyone get going. Interaction is the theme of the site and programming chosen for our site. Members/Sponsors will be able to set up unique public or private neighborhoods (called circles), where you can communicate with the entire Guild or your own individual private groups. It may take a little time to get familiar with the software but the potential is seemingly limitless.Thanks are certainly in order to the team who has worked so hard to get this going (Jacques, Frank and Gerald)!

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Our COY Team has been very busy as well, invitations have already started to go out to eligible (ICG Certified) candidates! 

The 2015 PGA Show is officially a go! The ICG will have a presence and Tent at the PGA Show Demo Day (A first for any Clubmaking Organization) We are and will be contacting Sponsors to participate in the event. If you know of any candidates for this please let us know, or if you are a Sponsor and are interested please contact myself or Frank Viola (space at the Demo Day will be limited!).

With everything that is taking place within the ICG, there are bound to be some issues that come up. Conversely groundwork is being laid for the future with automation and functionality the primary concern. I believe that the direction we are taking will pay dividends ten fold in the future. With the new Website and it's abilities, we are shoring up the foundation of our virtual home. Our Webinars are unparalleled in the Clubmaking/Fitting industry, with a knockout fall schedule coming up. By adding the Demo Day presence at the PGA Show, and the establishment of the Clubmaker of the Year Award, we the ICG, can truly ask the question now,,,,,

Are you a Member/Sponsor yet ?  You can become a member here - and a sponsor here.

Ed Smith, ICG President