Welcome to the home page of the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG).

Founded October 2008, the International Clubmakers Guild® (ICG) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization comprised of clubmakers, club fitters, repairmen, golf swing instructors, coaches, suppliers, equipment designers, engineers and scientists from all over the globe.

Whether you're a professional club maker, club fitter, teaching professional or just interested in learning more about fitting and building golf clubs - the ICG welcomes you.

The ICG is 100% independent, member-owned and operated. Our members determine the organization’s benefits, programs and deliverables.

One of our most important benefits is the continuing education provided by our webinar series. Each month the ICG hosts a webinar by industry leaders like Callaway Golf, Golf Digest, Tom Wishon and many others.  View clips from our latest webinars by clicking on our featured sponsors link.  Join today to see the entire webinar series. Recorded webinars can be viewed with or without closed captioning.

Enjoy some highlights from our PGA Show Meeting Room below (change quality settings to watch in HD).  You can see other highlights of the ICG presence at the show here.

From the PGA Show

"Still trying to dig out from 30+ inches of snow and to get back on track for what looks to be a nice resurgence in the golfing industry... To begin, I really don't know where to start? (How's that for an oxymoron) From the Membership, to the Sponsors, to Reed Exhibitions for the wonderful locations (Range and Showroom), to our show volunteers who really stepped up to make this event a real success for the Guild...  With the exposure we received, the addition of at least 10 new Sponsors, the 50+ renewals and new members, I feel that this has ...

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January Message from the President

 So what is next?

First I would like to welcome all of our New Members, Sponsors and renewing members. We look forward to working together to further the Clubmaking/Fitting profession, your businesses and the ICG.

We started a journey almost a year ago, with the idea in mind, that the focus should be on the profession of Clubmaking and Fitting as opposed to the individuals within that group. Our goal was to elevate the profession, with the hope the individuals would join us along the way.

We started to realize this goal by mid morning of the Demo-Day Event. Those who were there at 6 am shared quite a moment of reflection as we were busy setting up the ICG Display.

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