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ICG Sponsors at 2016 PGA Show Demo Day

Thanks to ICG 2015 Distinguished Service Award winner Ed Weber for again videoing the ICG presence at the 2016 PGA Show.  (Click on settings to watch in HD). 


Graphite Design/ Pro's Choice

With 25 years of Tour proven Accuracy and Distance ... Maybe it is time that you experience the difference a premium shaft from Graphite Design can make!

Our goal at Pro’s Choice Golf Shafts is to offer the finest graphite shafts available for your golf clubs to improve your game.  Do you desire longer drives?  Do you feel you need a higher launch angle?  Are you looking to reduce the ball spin? We are here to help you fine tune each of your golf clubs for optimum performance by selecting the appropriate graphite shaft from the long list of premium graphite golf shafts designed and manufactured by Graphite Design of Japan.


Graphite Design, established in Japan in 1989, is the industry leader in shaft technology and the preferred shaft brand for golf professionals worldwide. One of the world’s three largest golf-club shaft manufacturers, the company made its mark manufacturing premium shafts for most of golf’s major OEMs, including the top four companies by sales volume.  Graphite Design Tour AD DI, DJ, BB, GT, MT and MJ shaft models continue to be preferred by tour professionals and top club makers the world over, while the company’s YS NanoReloaded, G-Series, YS+ and G-Tech shafts offer premium shaft quality to all levels of golfers.

Revolutionary technology, design and sourcing the most advanced materials are trademarks in all Graphite Design shafts, making them the highest quality performance shafts on the market. Validating the company’s Tour AD logo, all of Graphite Design’s PGA Tour-proven golf shafts specifically promote “Accuracy and Distance” and these key competitive advantages are helping professional and amateur golfers optimize their games after switching to Graphite Design shafts. Graphite Design shafts have been the number one shaft played on the Japan Professional Golf Tour for twelve years running.

Enjoy a 10 minute clip from Pro's Choice recent webinar.  Members can watch the entire 85 minute webinar via our ICG Webinar Link.  You can also learn more about our latest ICG sponsor at their web site.


Bettinardi Golf


Bettinardi Golf began in 1991, when Robert Bettinardi walked into a golf shop in the South West suburbs of Chicago. He noticed a putter in the shop that said it was milled on a Bridgeport milling machine. The Bridgeport mill had been a standard in all general machine shops at the time, but was now becoming extinct with the invention of computerized milling (C.N.C.). Having the knowledge that his (C.N.C.) equipment would be a much better way to mill putters, he decided to call the company’s name on the back of the putter. One call and wouldn’t you know it, the O.E.M. golf company was looking for a new source. From 1991 to 1998, Bettinardi Golf was considered the go to for all that wanted the best in milled putters. In 1999, Robert took a few of his designs and went to his 1st Tour event in Greensboro NC. It was at that tournament where history would be forever changed. Tour professional, Jesper Parnevik, chose a putter to try. It was love at first sight and the tournament record of 23 under par sealed the deal for Bettinardi Golf’s Future. With its 1st tour victory, Bettinardi Golf would go onto win more than 70 other tour events including a similar situation at the 2003 US open. Jim Furyk picked up a very different design called the Baby Ben. He then went on to victory for his and Bettinardi Golf’s 1st Major. Throughout the next few years the company was becoming known for its highly engineered products, including its patented milled belt buckle. Beauty and craftsmanship are what distinguished the Bettinardi brand from all others. A state of art manufacturing facility and the finest engineers are what separate Bettinardi from the rest. It’s now your turn to feel what precision truly is.


In an era in which many manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to move their operations overseas, Bettinardi Golf is proud to be one of the few putter makers to have remained in the United States. Despite numerous offers to set up facilities in China and elsewhere, Robert J. Bettinardi remains committed to his staff, his community, and ultimately his dream to produce the finest putters requiring extreme attention to detail. As he notes, "My office is 15 feet from the shop floor; I can see every piece being created, make quick changes if needed. I can oversee all operations and insure the quality that the Bettinardi name produces. I couldn't do that if my shop were 6,000 miles away…"

Dedication to quality means dedication to quality craftsmen. The highest quality craftsmen are found in the United States of America. They are the force behind Bettinardi Golf's success. For that, we cannot thank them enough. When you try a Bettinardi Putter, you'll want to thank them, too.

Enjoy a ten minute clip from the Bettinardi Golf Webinar.  Members can watch the entire webinar at our members only link.
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