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Please patronize our sponsors as they are major contributors to our ability to provide the necessary services to support the International Clubmakers Guild.  See some of our Featured Sponsors here.

Additional details of sponsor benefits may be found in the special Sponsors Spotlight section of the discussion forums.

Are you a potential sponsor interested in participating in our event at the PGA Show Demo Day (Tent and three hitting bays) and having at a table at our ICG Room at the PGA Expo?  Then please visit the Sponsor the International Clubmakers Guild page for information on both becoming an ICG Sponsor and signing up for the PGA Show.  Our last three PGA Shows have been very successful and  2018 promises to be an amazing year for exhibiting your product at the Demo Day and having a place to meet with prospective clients for the next three days.  


Global Golf SalesPure Grips

Distributor of Iomic, No. 1, Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn, Super Stroke, and other grip lines and accessories,

Pure Grips Making Pure Rubber Grips in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and sizes which can easily be blown on, saving you time and money and giving your clients pure performance.
Graphite Design/Pro'sChoice Graphite Design, established in Japan in 1989, is the industry leader in shaft technology and the preferred shaft brand for golf professionals worldwide. One of the world¿s three largest golf-club shaft manufacturers, the company made its mark manufacturing premium shafts for most of golf¿s major OEMs, including the top four companies by sales volume. Graphite Design Tour AD DI, DJ, BB, GT, MT and MJ shaft models continue to be preferred by tour professionals and top club makers the world over, while the company¿s YS NanoReloaded, G-Series, YS+ and G-Tech shafts offer premium shaft quality to all levels of golfers.
Tour Edge/ Exotics Golf Comprehensive range of high end tour to value products.  Heads only program available to qualified dealers.

Veylix uses only the best materials and R&D to make its high end line of golf shafts.  

Contact Jennifer Gard

True Temper Most played iron shafts on all men tours.
Miura Golf Japan's preeminent Forgings.
Speed X Bond Revolutionary system which allows bonding and debonding of club heads in seconds. 
Billy Bob's Golf

Supplying the golf industry with shaft extensions, ferrules, specialty shaft adapters and club repair necessities. 

Contact: Bill Blankenship

Aerotech Golf Shafts Number 1 Graphite Shaft on the PGA Tour since 2010
Contact: Chris Hilleary
Vega North America (Eagle Golf Distributors)

Premium Japanese Forgings with High CT faces

Contact: Jennifer Gard

Mitsibushi Rayon Graphite Shafts Mitsubishi Rayon has been developing premium graphite golf shafts worldwide for more than 25 years, redefining quality and high performance in the process. With a rich history tied to the Mitsubishi keiretsu, a group of companies affiliated through cross-ownership, Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD. (MRC) formed its own organization in 1933 primarily as a manufacturer of rayon fibers. Since that time the company's interests have diversified and expanded to include chemicals, plastics, fibers, and a variety of specialty products including composite golf shafts. Today, MRC is considered a world leader in the manufacturing acrylic and carbon fiber, with over 9,000 employees and consolidated revenues of nearly $3 billion USD globally. 
Balance Certified Founded by former NASA engineers. 
Contact: Michael Cranston
Matrix Golf Shafts Contact:  Megan
Accra Golf ACCRA changes the way we look at iron shafts...
Contact: Dave
FlightScope 3D-Doppler Radar Technology 
Contact: Tyler Burnett
 Golf Garage I make and sell golf clubmaker related machine such as golfgage, shaft analyzer, shaft extracter and more. 

Our golfgage have patent in both US and Japan. Chucking device in our golfgage is very unique and is the most important part of the golfgage. Our golfgage is the only one that can chuck in center of golf shaft.

Contact: Etsuo Nakai

 Bettinardi Golf  Most precisely made putters in the industry - period.

Contact:  Sam Bettinardi

 Big Fish Golf  Big Fish Golf will be at the PGA Demo Day and Show.
Contact: Eric Ng
 Advanced Profiling System  Quick, reliable, consistent and repeatable way to profile shafts and add quality control to your builds.

 Contact:  Roy Kaltz

Bobby Grace Putters  
Arm-Lock Grips   
Seven Dreamers  
 Rational Golf  
 Arthur Sports  Robin Arthur's designs have over 300 wins on the top level professional tours.
 SkyTrak  Contact John Hadley
 Diamond Golf  Contact Darren Treacy
 MR3  Contact  Mary Jane Flores
 True Length Technology   Contact: Dan Connelly ---- [email protected]
True Length Technology
  • One common hand position
  • Math modeled length and lie
  • Excel format - 16 adult and 10 children's fitting charts 
True Frequency Technology
  • Sort raw shafts from weakest to stiffest - by profiling
  • Far greater consistency than just 'Butt' frequency
  • Excel format - Profile raw iron and wood shafts as sets
 New Level golf

 Contact Eric Burch