Task Forces and the Board

The BOD is charged with making organizational plans and guiding the ICG, including all ICG business such as running the ICG presence at The PGA Show.  Ad hoc task forces, do work, serving at the discretion of the BOD.   

Three recent task forces created are the ICG Regional Chapter Task Force, ICG Bylaws Task Force and Launch Monitor (LM) Course Task Force.  Greg Courtnay, Gary Cottrel, and Jerry Hoefling, Sr. of the Great Lakes Chapter of the ICG will share their experience with burgeoning chapters.  Gerald Friz and Miki Rapado will also share their experiences from Europe which is holding its second annual meeting in St Andrews, Scotland from September 9 to 11. Steve Newton, Rick Cantor, Jim Muller, Eddie Smith and Cleve Porter have submitted recommendations for bylaw changes (our first revisions in 8 years) to be put forward to our membership sometime in the Autumn. The LM Course Task Force, directed by Gerald Friz, will begin their developmental work this Autumn. The goal is to have the course ready to by the 2017 PGA Show.

Administrative/Board of Directors

Board of Directors (elected by ICG membership):

Responsible for Finance, Policy Administration, Ethics, Ways & Means, and overall 2-way communications/coordination between all other components of the organization

The Board (effective April 1, 2017)  is composed of the following members, listed along with their position and the end of their elected term:

Gerald Friz President 2025
John Wade   2024
Don Irving Vice President, Canada 2023
Frank Viola Vice President, US 2023
Matt Grabowy Treasurer/Co-Secretary 2024
Peter J. Doyle Secretary 2023
Agustin Sanchez  Vice President, Spain and Latin America 2025
Jacques Intriere   2023
 Ray Tomaszewski Assistant Treasurer   2024

All terms are through the election and subsequent Board meeting, 
held in March of the election year.