ICG Presence at the 2020 PGA Show

The ICG is changing our format at this year’s show, but it promises to be our busiest most value laden event ever with 2 and half days of presentations, workshops and seminars. Please note that the schedule, dated January 15th, is subject to change. So please join us in Room W209-B for exciting professional development.

Wednesday, January 22nd will be a full day:

 9 AM Titan Golf - New ICG Sponsor from Germany with innovative wedge design and wedge resurfacing treatment.

10 AM Open

11 AM Clubmaker of the Year workshop with Don Irving, Frank Viola, Miki Rapado, Matt Grabowy, and others. Discussion of business model and best fitting and building tips and practices.

1 PM True Sports with Gawain Robertson, Bill Lange and others. Discussion of what's new for True Temper, Accra Golf, and Aerotech.

2:30 PM  Shaft Fitting Frank, Woody and Daniel discuss using shaft profiling to fit golfers 

3:00 PM Mark Pekarek and Mark Timms discuss the history of modern club fitting.

 4 KBS with Kim Braley.

 5 pm Leith Anderson Tribute; Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony  (Kim Braley and Leith Anderson); Clubmaker of the Year, Adriaan Dorshorst (Australia), Miki Rapado (Europe), and Mark Vallier (Worldwide).

 7:30 pm Awards Dinner at  Tony Roma’s for Awards winners, BOD members, and invited guests.

 Thursday, January 23rd.

 9 AM Krank Golf with Lance Reader.

 10 AM Gisle Souhaug on fitting 

 11 AM improving Putting and fitting (Biv Wadden)

 Noon Fitting with Gears (Michael Manavian).

1 PM Sasho McKenzie (Tentative).

2 PM Eric Jones and Dennis Silvers.

3PM 2-3 tentative workshops.

Friday, January 24th.

9 AM Oban with Ralph Reichert and Woody Lashen.

10 AM Flightscope short game and putting with Henri Johnson.

ICG Member Russ Ryden is turning our room into a sound stage. All presentations will be videotaped, edited, and closed captioned for later viewing in our ICG Resources Library. Soon we'll have over 170 articles and 100+ hours of current and relevant videos, including those from chapter meetings, webinars, clubmaker of the year, certification, and our annual PGA Show presence.

 Russ Ryden with Biv Wadden accepting Leith Anderson Hall of Fame plaque from Mark Timms.