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 Subject : Becoming a certified club maker and fitter... 07/14/2018 08:35:31 PM 
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Dale and I am interested in becoming a certified club maker and fitter. How do I begin the process and how long does it take?


 Subject : Re:Becoming a certified club maker and fitter... 01/17/2019 02:57:09 AM 
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That depends on you. To become a Certified Clubmaker you need a vast skill set. Reading, taking classes, attending symposiums, etc.. also understanding movement patterns of a golfer, trusting physics, basic algebra, the construction of a golf shaft, CPM of shafts, and much more.
The Exam will test you. The questions will have you digging into books for hours. The hands on test will have you build clubs to certain specifications with components supplied by the ICG.

By the time you have finished the exam, you will have learned sooooooo much because of what you did not know.

Some starting points would be schools offered at GolfWorks and Mitchelle Golf. In addition to showing up at the PGA Show and talking with engineers and designers. The ICG has regional gatherings that are beneficial for sharing information.

As I said before, you need a large skill set to be a respectable clubmaker/fitter. That is my view and experience on becoming a Certified Clubmaker.
 Subject : Re:Becoming a certified club maker and fitter... 02/10/2020 08:10:40 PM 
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Can I take the exam soon after I join?
 Subject : Re:Becoming a certified club maker and fitter... 03/18/2020 09:31:21 AM 
Jacques Intriere
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Yes, you can.
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