Club Fitting Certification available January 2015
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NEWS: Golf Clubfitting Certification Exam to be debuted at the 2015 PGA Show.

The ICG is pleased to announce that it will be  offering a ground breaking clubfitting certification in January 2015.  . The program was developed so that experienced fitters can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the area of golf club fitting.

ICG Certified Clubfitter is intended to be a mark of excellence in the field of golf club fitting using the latest technology and techniques. This certificate of achievement will demonstrate  that the recipient is skilled in all aspects of club fitting including fitting for critical club specification that will help the golfer achieve his playing goals.  

The online test (taken on our new testing software, ClassMarker) has questions  which have been sourced from industry experts including our corporate sponsors, successful top level club fitters, and include questions derived from our ongoing continuing education webinar series.  Passing the online test will simply not be possible without watching the webinar series.

Once the fitter has passed the online portion of the exam, he/she will have to provide a fitting case study, and document improvements in performance via swing and ball analysis data. 

The costs for the test is $200 including Certification Plaque.