Miki Rapado - ICG 2016 European Clubmaker of the year
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Post by Handmade Custom Clubs.

Certified ICG Member Miki Rapado has been fitting and building clubs for over ten years.  He is the ICG 2016 European Clubmaker of the Year.

Please enjoy his grand opening video from his second shop (opened in August 2014) in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. View it in HD to fully appreciate the production values. Miki has a great shop and offers custom fitted and hand built custom golf clubs, including heads from ICG sponsors Miura Golf, Big Fish Golf, and Exotics Golf.

Miki believes that being good fitter and clubmaker is both science and an art.  It takes great listening skills and technical expertise to understand the player and their needs, and to help them to get the most out of their clubs.

His philosophy is to that  great clubfitters/clubmakers are professional, sincere, honest and focused on helping the player.  
Miki presenting a club fitting seminar at last month's ICG Europe Chapter meeting.


Miki accepting his COY Award at the 2016 PGA Show.