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The Standard 
November 2013 Vol #6

Message From Your ICG President

Steve Newton

Fellow members,

Our long standing Technical Committee chairman, Don Johnson, will continue to support committee activities as a committee member, but will be stepping down as committee chairman due to personal health issues.    On behalf of the entire organization, I want to sincerely thank Don for his tireless efforts in support of the ICG.

Our newly-formed webinar committee held a webinar on November 7 which was presented by none other than Tom Wishon of Wishon Golf.  Tom has long been a proponent of custom fitting and custom clubmaking, authored several widely published books in the public sector along with dedicated clubmaking and clubfitting instruction manuals, is a frequent contributor to highly renowned industry publications including Golf Digest, and is a long standing sponsor and supporter of the ICG.  Keep your eyes open for announcements on upcoming webinars.  You won’t want to miss them!

Lastly, I ask once again that any member who deals regularly with a vendor who is not already an ICG sponsor to contact that vendor about the offer to participate in the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show at a much reduced rate from a full sized booth by joining us at a dedicated place in the ICG Connection Center. 

The Connection Center an affordable opportunity to present their products at the 2014 PGA Show in for a turn-key price of $2140 that includes:

·        5' X 10' carpeting,
·        a 4' draped table,
·        2 side chairs, and
·        a 22" X 28" sign with customer branding

Vendors and other interested parties are asked to contact committee chairman, Bob Dodds, for more information on the 2014 ICG Connection Center.
Steve Newton,

ICG President 2013



An Introduction to EI Profiling of Golf Shafts


By Russ Ryden
ICG Member – Fit2Score Golf

If you want to understand golf shafts the way a golf shaft engineer understands the, you need to see the EI profiles of the linear strength of the golf shaft. The term, EI is engineering short hand for E= Modulus of Elasticity and I = Area Moment of Inertia, or, more simply, the elasticity of the shaft material and the thickness of the cross section of the shaft. These two factors combine into the stiffness of the shaft at any point on the shaft. If the walls are thicker that section of the shaft is stiffer.  If the graphite strands are running from butt to tip the stiffness that gives to the shaft is more than if they are angled to control torque.

Simple marketing terms, high mid or low kick point are just that.  The marketing department of the shaft companies attempt to give the golfing public easy terms to understand. In today’s world of elaborate shaft design and fabrication, only EI profiling can reveal the linear bend character of the golf shaft.

A few years ago, when I was introduced to the concept of EI measurement, there was no generally available instrument.  Mark Timmes had had one designed and built at Hot Stix.  I believe that instrument is now owned by Mizuno.  Don Johnson a fellow club builder and ICG member designed a homemade instrument and my friend and mentor Dave Tutelman also made a simple version.  A laboratory quality computer controlled hydraulic instrument starts around $10K.


ICG to Advertise in the Online Holiday Edition of Golf Tips Magazine

The ICG will have an ad in the upcoming digital edition of Golf Tips Magazine's Holiday edition. The ads, one of which is on the home page of the website are targeting golfers who value custom clubfitting and try to drive them to an ICG member for their clubfitting needs. As a member, if you have received any potential customers that came through the Golf Tips print or digital ads, please let John Dranschak, Branding Committee Chairman know. His contact information can be found by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the ICG website and choosing 'Committees' from the drop down list.


Check Out ICG Sponsors for Your Clubmaking Needs

The ICG has support from several sponsors that contribute to our organization and provide some incentives to purchase their products. Please support theses sponsors as much as you can. The Sponsors contact information can be found by clicking on the 'Sponsors List' tab at the top of the ICG website


ICG Clubmaker Certification offered to former PCS Certified Clubmakers

In an effort to increase the number of ICG Certified members while continuing to adhere to our long-standing policy of not "grandfathering" (automatically accepting) other member achievements, the ICG will offer all former PCS Certified Clubmakers the opportunity to become ICG Certified by satisfying the requirements of the ICG written exam only for the reduced fee of $50.  This limited time offer will remain in effect until 12/31/13.  Additional details will be forthcoming in a separate e-blast.

Join the Guild


Barry Henig & Jack Wulkotte Earn Status as ICG Certified Clubmaker. 

The ICG is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. Barry Henig and Mr. Jack Wulkotte, both of North Palm Beach, FL, to the ICG as Certified Clubmakers. 

Barry was awarded the PCS International Clubmaker of the Year award in 1998, and is often referred to as the "Club Doctor" by his many clients around the world including many touring professionals. Jack Wullkotte, PCS Hall Of Fame Clubmaker, has been in the golf business since 1940 when he started as a caddy. In 1947 Jack started at the MacGregor Co. building golf clubs. Through the years Jack has worked on clubs for Ben Hogan, Byran Nelson, Greg Norman, Curtis Strange, Nick Faldo, Bob Toski, Louise Suggs and countless others. Jack, was then hired in 1974 to be Jack Nicklaus's personal clubmaker and was so for 37 years. In 2011, Jack joined forces with Barry at Club Masters in North Palm Beach, FL after retiring from the Nicklaus Company.

The ICG Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to award Barry and Jack ICG Certification in recognition of their many past accomplishments and to welcome the addition of their vast knowledge and professional contacts to our organization.
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