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Message From Your ICG President

Steve Newton

Fellow Members,

The latest version of the Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter list is out, and I’m pleased to report that ICG members Jacques Intriere, Frank Viola, Bill Weitzel, Jim McCleery, and Russ Ryden all made the list.  Congratulations to each of you for achieving this recognition and for your continued support of the ICG.

Our internet committee, under the capable leadership of committee chairman, Gerald Friz, continues its efforts to upgrade the resident website software to the most current version. 

Our membership committee is creating a survey that will be sent to approximately 200 former ICG members.  The intent is to determine: a) the reason(s) for their non-renewal and, b) to entice them to renew their membership. 

Our technical committee continues working on the video component for our clubfitting certification.  Anyone interested in helping with this project should contact committee chairman, Don Johnson.

Thank you.

Steve Newton, ICG President




Tom Wishon Discusses Adjustable Driver Technology


This report originated because of claims being made on behalf of the modern adjustable hosel drivers that these adjustable devices allow the loft, lie and face angle to be customized for golfers. In 1995, I de-signed the first commercially available adjustable hosel device to allow a metal wood to be altered for lie and face angle. From my work to create this device, as well as from my experience in having made wooden woods early in my career, I believe that it is simply not possible to change the loft through a hosel device which operates on the principle of changing the angle of the shaft into the clubhead.

Based on my experience, I find it difficult to believe the claims for specification adjustment being made on behalf of these modern adjustable hosel devices. Therefore, this report came about because I wanted 
to learn for myself if the modern versions of adjust-able hosel devices really could achieve the loft, lie and face angle specifications that the companies offering drivers say they can do. 
A technical report about the modern versions of adjustable hosel drivers has to begin with a discussion of three very important, related issues.

•  The manner in which a driver head is positioned in a clubhead specifications measurement machine for the correct static specifications measurement of loft, lie and face angle. 
•  The importance of the static measurements of driver loft, lie and face angle to the goal of achiev-ing the optimum shot result for each individual golfer. 
•  The manner in which golfers address the ball and manage the position of the drive head before hit-ting a shot. 

Read the Entire Article  Here.


Golf Tips Magazine Digital Issues Available to ICG Members

The Digital Edition of Golf Tips Magazine is now available to ICG members, as a result of our advertising in their print and digital editions. The July issue will be posted on the ICG Website as soon as it is published and the link is provided to us. The ICG advertised in four issues of Golf Tips this summer. The ads, one of which is on the home page of the website are targeting golfers who value custom clubfitting and try to drive them to an ICG member for their clubfitting needs. As a member, if you have received any potential customers that came through the Golf Tips print or digital ads, please let John Dranschak, Branding Committee Chairman know. His contact information can be found by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the ICG website and choosing 'Committees' from the drop down list.


Check Out ICG Sponsors for Your Clubmaking Needs

The ICG has support from several sponsors that contribute to our organization and provide some incentives to purchase their products. Please support theses sponsors as much as you can. The Sponsors contact information can be found by clicking on the 'Sponsors List' tab at the top of the ICG website


ICG Clubmaker Certification offered to former PCS Certified Clubmakers

In an effort to increase the number of ICG Certified members while continuing to adhere to our long-standing policy of not "grandfathering" (automatically accepting) other member achievements, the ICG will offer all former PCS Certified Clubmakers the opportunity to become ICG Certified by satisfying the requirements of the ICG written exam only for the reduced fee of $50.  This limited time offer will remain in effect until 12/31/13.  Additional details will be forthcoming in a separate e-blast.

Join the Guild


Chih Hui (James) Chin Earns Status as ICG Certified Clubmaker. 


The International Clubmakers Guild (ICG) a non-profit member owned organization formed to service membership in all aspects of the golf industry,announces that, Chih Hui (James) Chin, HOPAR GOLF, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) was given the designation of ICG Certified Clubmaker. The ICG Certification Committee designated Chih Hui as certified after an extensive review and testing process as demonstrated by excellence in the field of golf club assembly and repair using current technology and Clubmaking techniques. The announcement was made by Steve Newton BOD President of the ICG.

“I am pleased to designate Chih Hui (James) Chin as recognized by The International Clubmakers Guild as a Fully Certified Clubmaker, as it demonstrates a commitment to excellence and a thorough knowledge of club making, repair and fitting,” said Steve Newton BOD President of ICG.

To achieve the distinction of an ICG Certified Clubmaker, applicants must pass rigorous written and practical skills examinations. The ICG developed the certification program to ensure that each Certified Clubmaker achieves the highest standard of academic proficiency, applied technology and excellence in craftsmanship. Candidates must be skilled in all aspects of golf club assembly and repair including re-shafting graphite and steel shafts in various club head designs, putter and iron repairs, along with a comprehensive working knowledge of all 21 club performance properties.

For more information on The International Clubmakers Guild, visitwww.clubmakersguild.comor contact George L. Sigeti, Membership Committee Chairman at[email protected].

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