Gerald Friz - 2015 ICG Germany COY
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ICG Certified Member Gerald Friz is the 2015 ICG Germany Clubmaker of the Year.  He's the third ICG member to achieve the dual certifications of certified club maker and clubfitter.  His web site is  Gerald has been fitting and building clubs for six years and carries fine lines like Miura, KZG, and Orka, using his Flightscope launch monitor and other devices for fitting golf clubs.  

Gerald discusses his fitting method:

  Interview & Performance Profile: The first step is to talk with the customer to become familiar with his skills, his target in golf, his physical background etc. etc. During the interview we are also talking about clubset setup etc. In most case we talk again about setup after finding the right combination (shaft + head).

  •  Evaluation of your Current Equipment: If available, I check the existing equipment. I want to know what’s the favorite club, what’s the worst club. I want to understand what’s the customer is used to play and what he is looking for (more length, accuracy, spin, ….)

  •  Swing/Skills: I’m using a FlightScope Prime to do a deep analyses during the fitting session and to understand the swing and the ballflight hit by the customer. We use different clubheads, different shafts during the session to make the customer understand, what we can do with fitted clubs.

  •  After finding the right combination for the customer I build one testclub with his specifications. With this testclub we verify all data and do a ‘fine tuning’ (adjust swingweight, MOI, first check for lie). Usally this is the moment to agree about the complete setup (which irons, which wedges ?)

  •  Based on the testclub all other clubs will be build. Same flex, length (1/2” increment) and grips.

  •  Post Fit Check Up: The lie adjustment is the last thing we do. I check each club and adjust each club seperatly.




(Golfsmith: Master Craftsman, Advanced, Basic)

 Deutscher Golf Verband Trainer Licence

 ICG Certification

 KBS Certification

 KZG Clubfitter of the Year 2012 (same for 2013 and 2014) Master Fitter

  Performance Fitting Center Truetemper



 Tent on clubrange

 discussion with customer

 Tent on range together with proshop-owner.


Putting green and Hitting bay


Computer Workplace with Fittingsoftware, 23” Touchscreen Monitor and Printer


Hittingbay (6m x 4m x 4m)




All (iron-)clubheads are stored in a drawer. The iron-heads are cutted at the hosel to reduce the weight when using with Faz-Fit. Driverheads are on shelfs.


Fittingshafts are used with Faz-Fit. Titanium Version for Iron-Shafts.




The racks are mounted on wheels to change easily the place in the workshop during the different process steps.


 Building and Parking Slots


  Plan New Workshop March 2015. More than double the size of today.