Jerry Howard - 2015 ICG Southeast COY
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ICG Certified Member Jerry Howard is the 2015 ICG Southeast Clubmaker of the Year.  He has been offering fitting, building, and repair from his MCS Golf trailer to golf courses all over Volusia County, FL and beyond for 14 years.  Read his bio here.

He lists his following qualifications:

 MCS-GOLF Qualifications

  1. Golfsmith club fitting and repair certification 2001
  2. GCA Member
  3. Maltby club fitting 2004
  4. PCS Class A Club Maker and Club Fitter 2006
  5. TW MOI fitting specialist
  6. True Length Technology certification
  7. PGA Performance Learning Center Swing Mechanics
  8. AGCP annual training conferences
  9. ICG certified club maker
  10. KBS certified fitter
  11. True Temper Performance Fitting Center
  12. SeeMore certified fitter
  13. ORKA certified club fitter
  14. Nicklaus fitting specialist
  15. Golf Digest club fitter 2011
  16. USGTF level 3 teaching certification.