November Message From the President
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We are 60 days +\- from the PGA Show and setting a new standard for clubmaking organizations, as well as the ICG itself. It looks like many of our members are already booked to be there, as well as for the first time the entire Board will be in attendance. I suppose it is little wonder, our new and improved room location combined with exposure on the Demo Day event is already living up to the expectations. We have doubled our Sponsor participation from last year already and there are still a couple more considering the event.

We will be inducting two people into the ICG Hall of Fame at the PGA Show as well, both by unanimous vote not only from the committee but the Board as well. Awards and announcements will be made at the Show, Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Additionally the ICG will be awarding our first Clubmaker of the Year state/country, regional and international awards. Join us for the event!  We are at a point now that we can confirm the ICG will be announcing/opening our long awaited Fitter Certification as well at the PGA Show.

On the business side of the ICG, membership dues will increase to $100 annually starting January 1, 2015. The fee for Clubmaker and Clubfitter Certifications will both be $200 effective January 1, 2015 as well. Please note the Certification Fees will include a plaque and shipping so in reality there is only a nominal increase in price.

Before becoming too wrapped up in dues increases, take a moment to consider the ICG is truly underpriced considering the value of our benefits. Our webinar program is not only the hallmark of the industry, the continuing education material it covers keeps our members at the leading edge of our profession. We have a new and sustainable website with unlimited potential to move us forward, and our testing is moving away from volunteer dependancy and being automated as well to ensure the viability of the program. While all of the projects have been frugally managed, this progress does have a price.

I hope to see you all at the PGA Show!

ARE YOUR FRIENDS MEMBERS YET?  You can become a member here - and a sponsor here. 

Eddie Smith

ICG President 

Eddie in Montana (They have Palm Trees there?) playing with a client (notice the perfect impact pattern on the driver!)