December Message from the President
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Happy Holidays,
As we close out another year, the ICG has much to be thankful for.

We have seen an increase of roughly 15% in our membership numbers and almost double that in Sponsors. Our new website has not only stabilized our "virtual home", but with our multilingual forums brought an upswing in our International Member participation. The ICG Fitiing Certification is completed, and will be our first Certification offered on our new contract testing software. We are finishing up the links giving access to the written exam and will be offering this new ICG Certification to our membership pre-show in early January.

The PGA Show, well if you have kept up with the forums and our dynamic Social Media upgrades this year, you know it is going to be a must attend event! We have sold out the available slots for sponsor participation more than doubling last years numbers. Our new meeting room and our location on the Demo-Day event are truly incredible. If you haven't yet you should check the forums giving the location of both. Being next to Flightscope, Taylormade, Adams and the like on the Demo Range is huge! I do a lot of Demo Days and can tell you firsthand, neighborhoods count at these events and we are in a good one.

The BOD's last meeting of the year was this week. As reported all year long, the ICG is financially strong. Our bank balances remain +\- within a couple thousand dollars of when this BOD took office last April. That may not sound impressive as a stand alone statement, but consider that includes the cost of a new and professional website, an upgraded "event" at the PGA Show, and our Social Media push. All paid for, and each one bringing in new Members and Sponsors.

Yes we have a lot to be thankful for. I know I am thankful for the honor of serving as your president, for each and every member we have, and for the opportunity to work with the truly dynamic people on this Board of Directors.

Eddie Smith

ICG President 

Eddie in Montana (They have Palm Trees there?) playing with a client (notice the perfect impact pattern on the driver!)