February Message from the President
Press Releases


We are already starting preparations for next year's PGA Show. Reed Expo has assured us that we will have the same room for 2016 and we are exploring the opportunities with Reed about expanding into another room. This will provide us with more space for our Sponsors, a quieter setting for our presentations and the potential for an indoor hitting bay.

ELECTIONS are starting, we have three BOD positions up for Election this Year. These positions are currently held by Eric, Ray and John. Nominations have already opened and there will be a Meet the Candidates webinar on February 26 (another ICG first). Voting is important in any election, but especially so in a volunteer organization; please exercise your right in this election and vote.

Welcome to our new European Members and thanks to Neil for his help recruiting the European GCA ClubMakers.

Our Fitting Certification is out, and our poll numbers say roughly 85% of people polled plan to get ICG Fitter Certified. There is no time like the present, Spring is just around the corner and time will be precious to all of us.  ICG members can sign up for the Clubfitter certification here.
After tallying the latest numbers, the ICG Membership numbers are up over 25% in the last 11 months and the Sponsor numbers are similar. Financially, after all the expenses for the Show, the Demo Day, and the Website have been paid, we have slightly more in the bank than we did 11 months ago.

Eddie Smith