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Volume 2
Issue Number 1

March  2015

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  1. PGA Show
  2. ICG Certification Special and COY Awards Schedule
  3. Web and Forum Highlights

PGA Show

Results from our PGA Show Investment exceeded expectations (78 renewals, 62 new members, and 5 new sponsors). Ed Weber documented our Demo Day presence at Tee #5 at Orange County National, as well as sponsor activity and our awards (HOF and COY) ceremony in Room W209-B at the Orange County Convention Center. View Ed's videos here.  Enjoy ICG President Eddie Smith's comments on the show, as well as those of PGA Task Force Director Frank Viola.


ICG Certification Special and COY Schedule

The COY Task Force has announced its schedule for the 2016 awards. There will be a webinar in May explaining how to fill out the COY Survey, and format for essay, video, and pictures. Application process will open June 1, 2015 and end September 1, 2015. Interviews will begin in mid-October, and all finalists will be notified by mid-November so they can make travel arrangements to the PGA Show. ICG certficiation is required to enter either the Clubmaker of the Year or the new Clubfitter of the Year competition. All applicants must be certified by September 1, 2015. We'll be running a certification special ($25 off the first test, $75 off the second) for our Clubmaker and Clubfitting Certifications from now through mid-April. The first code is provided at the ICG Certification Enrollment Forms page under "Members Only". The code for the second test will be emailed after enrollment for the first exam.

Why enter the COY competitions?

We surveyed the 2015 COY winners and received these comments:

Eric Ng (WorldWide COY) responded:

"The initial announcement was made in the form of a FB post by a friend. It created a lot of interest and mostly the folks particularly our customers are very happy that they are served by someone with credit. Our suppliers are also happy to be associated with us in that respect. I have had a lot of customers and even new customers come and congratulate me on the award and they were interested to know the selection and judging criteria. I took time to explain the initial selection process and final interviews and we narrowed it to vision, mission and our commitment to put those promise in place through investment in hardware, training and a strict process of building each club. Since the award, there have been many breakthrough for me personally in the areas of regional expansion and our partners in the region have shown more confidence and commitment in moving forward with projects. I have also conducted several overseas fitting assignments particularly in the area of elite juniors and touring professionals and more events including fitting for Callaway in regional countries are planned. It has given me a lot of confidence personally and it has prompted me to reach out to fellow professionals to do more for their trade. We now have the plaque hung at the front of the shop and it is a reminder that I will have to do justice to the recognition and do the best in every club we fit and built."

Eddie Smith (North America COY) said:

"Upon returning home from the PGA Show and receiving the North American COY, I was approached by Tour Edge to open a Head Only account which I have done. Additionally from talking with Anthony Neville at the Show, Callaway Golf approved a Proponent Account for my shop without further interview. During the Spokane Golf Show, being identified as the ICG North American COY, sales at both the Cobra and Mizuno Booths (which I work for, on Staff, as a Tech Rep) more than doubled from last years show. Since that time, although delayed due to a medical issue, I have multiple booked fittings who are willing to wait for my return to work, to have their clubs Fit and Built by me due to the COY Award."

Jerry Howard (US Southeast COY) said that he has seen a nice increase in his recognition and business, and was opened up by Mizuno after the local rep saw his award."

Gerald Friz (Germany COY) said:

"I’ve got some new customers and some customers returning after a long time because they read about the COY award. My home-golfclub (a member of the board was in my workshop for repairing his clubs) wants to do a marketing with me/”using me” to get new members for the club (“We are the only Golfclub with COY-awarded Clubmaker as a member and as service offering for our members. This is a real benefit for the club and everybody should know this !”

Ray Tomaszewski (US Midwest COY) said that he opened up Miura and Bettinardi accounts and that he will make his COY award the centerpiece of his new web site.

Agustin Sanchez (Europe COY) said that he's received an increase in business, was featured on Basque TV, and a local club that he's a member of has shared news of his award on their web site.

Clearly, these COY winners have benefitted in a short time. You could be next! Don't delay, take advantage of the certification special and start your certification process.

Web and Forum Highlights

The ICG held its first Board of Director election on our new MemberClicks web site. Eddie addresses the election in his March Presidential Message.  The technology worked perfectly. Thanks to Gerald Friz for designing and testing the election form.

The Tour Edge/Exotics webinar is now closed captioned. Follow the ICG Webinar link to view.

Eric Ng shares a photo essay from the HSBC Women's Championship, shares a story of fitting two top LPGA Tour Players, and has a great tip for removing those annoying brass weights from OEM clubs (you have to be logged into our member forums to view the tip).  It is no wonder that Eric Ng was chosen the ICG WorldWide COY.  

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