April Message from the President
Press Releases


The ICG continues to gain momentum in 2015. Our membership numbers continue to grow after the PGA Show, our European expansion project and our current program in Asia. Looking forward the BOD is looking into establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the Proponents Group, The World AM Golf Championship, USGTF and the Adaptive Golf Foundation. Needless to say the new BOD is busy working for you, and working well together as a Team.

We have created a Task Force to review the ICG's By-Laws consisting of Steve Newton (former ICG President), Cleve Porter (current BOD Secretary), Jim Muller and myself. Recommendations (if any) will be made to the BOD and ultimately be put to a vote of the Membership.

Our Webinar still remains the vibrant flagship of the ICG. The latest webinar with Tour Edge/Exotics was excellent and many members have since taken advantage of their offer to the Guild.

Financially we remain strong, in fact the ICG is sitting on a record balance in our accounts. Proof that we are leading the way for Clubmakers and our programs and vision are working.

Now is the time to work towards the next round of ICG COY Winners. The application process will be opening shortly, have you completed your Certifications? Again we will award a Clubfitter of the year award as well, if we get enough applicants. Either way points will be awarded for having the ICG Fitter Certification. We are also still running a special on Certification pricing!

We are only as strong as our participation level, so WE NEED YOU!

WE ARE THE ICG.  Are you a member yet?

Eddie Smith

ICG President