Golf Digest 2016 100 Best Clubfitters ranking form
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8 June 2016 Greetings:

Since 2011, Golf Digest has produced a ranking of the 100 Best Clubfitters in America. That ranking represents our firm commitment to the value of club fitting in the game today, and we strongly believe that fitting remains as vital to average golfer improvement as any aspect of the game. This letter is announcing our request for nominations to our next ranking, which is scheduled for the November 2016 issue of Golf Digest. (Note: This is a date change from our typical spring timeline to yield greater attention to the list both in the magazine and across our digital platforms. As well, there will be new opportunities through our licensing department that we will outline at a later date.)

This year, in addition to our listing of the 100 Best Clubfitters, we again will publish a list of Golf Digest certified clubfitters, based on the nomination forms we receive. Please use the attached form as a template for submitting your nomination. (Note: We only accept electronic submissions, but all forms of attachments are welcome, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, video, etc.) A reminder on the key criteria we consider in determining our 100 Best Clubfitters list:

  1. We do not rank individual people. We rank only facilities (off-course golf shops, on- course shops, practice facilities, driving ranges, fitting centers, etc.).

  2. The facility must be easily accessible to the public.

  3. The facility must offer an array of products from top equipment manufacturers.

  4. The facility must earn high marks from our course-rating panelists and industry


Nomination forms and any other supporting documents must be submitted to

[email protected] by July 15, 2016. Please contact me at any time with any questions. Thanks again for your fine work and I wish you continued success.

Mike Stachura
Senior Editor-Equipment
Golf Digest
[email protected]

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2016 Fitter Survey

  1. Name of facility (address, phone number, website, e-mail contact).

  2. Is your facility public or private? If your facility is private, please describe the access non-members have to your clubfitting services.

  3. What is the size of your facility? How many hitting bays are available? How many fitters on your staff? How many fittings do you perform a year?

  4. Please list the brands of golf equipment you carry in your facility.

  5. Do you use a launch monitor (model)? How is it beneficial to you?

  6. What fitting carts/bags do you use?

  7. What shaft fitting tools/devices/software do you use?

  8. Do you have club repair and building capabilities on-site? What percentage of clubs that you sell are custom built in your own facility?

  9. What other swing analysis tools do you use?

  10. Are fittings done indoors, outdoors or do you offer both? Where do the majority of your fittings take place and why?

  11. What percentage of your club sales involves a club fitting?

  12. Do you fit putters? What tools do you use (cameras, SAM Putt Lab, Tomi, Quintic, etc.)?

  13. Do you fit golf balls? Describe your process.

  14. What clubfitting organizations do you belong to? What certifications do you and/or your staff have? What awards have you won?

  15. Please provide us with brief details about your process for the following (feel free to attach documents, Powerpoint, video, etc.):

    a. Driver fitting b. Iron fitting
    c. Putter fitting 

Note ICG members can also download in PDF Form Here.