Frank Viola reveals surprise guest for Chapter Meeting
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Hi Members,

Just another normal Saturday morning at the Ace of Clubs, doing an early morning fitting, building an iron set or two, getting ready for the week ahead, looking over my appointments, etc., only to realize that in less than 4 short weeks I and some other ICG Members, will be crossing the Atlantic for the very first time in our lives!  Jacques, King of the Airline Miles Club, has already been there a few times so for a small fee, he has offered driving lessons to those who have never driven on the wrong side of the road before!  If that isn't breathtaking enough, we'll be spending time there on the hallowed grounds of the Home of Golf, St. Andrews Scotland!  While we do have golf on the agenda (and why wouldn't we) the excitement comes in watching a group of golf club fitting specialists get together in St. Andrews for an unprecedented European Chapter Meeting, drawing members from numerous countries around the world!  How exciting is that!  So, with that excitement in mind, I can't help but think of what a tremendous opportunity this will be to attend a very special conference, attended by some very special people who have donated much of their time to an industry that all we love so much.

First we have Russ Ryden, owner of Fit2Score.  Russ brings with him a ton of fitting and shaft profiling expertise...  Anyone who knows Russ will agree that his shaft knowledge is second to none...  His Website has thousands of hits and is a source for great information regarding the specifics of golf shafts.  He also does a great job with video production, has interviewed some really cool people in the golf industry and is ever-present on a yearly basis at the PGA show in Orlando, armed with his state-of-the-art video apparatus!  This is will be an eye opener for many people looking to understand the dissection of a golf shaft's DNA.  So, don't miss it!

Next on the agenda we have Gawain Robertson of ACCRA Golf shafts!  What can we say about Gawain, other than he is only one of a chosen few who really understands and supports the independent Clubfitters.  Gawain brings a tremendous amount of experience in the shaft making industry and the distribution of those very shafts... Gawain also puts on quite a display at the PGA show presenting his new products, talking "shop" face to face with inquiring Club fitters / Makers, all captivated by an early morning breakfast, round of golf with lunch and a fantastic dinner where we all get together and reminisce about our season's success with the ACCRA product...  This is one guy that garners a ton of respect from our group, because he is truly in the corner of Clubmakers / Fitters everywhere!  A presentation that you won't wanna miss! 

Following will be Corey Moulton of Tour Edge / Exotics Golf.  These guys have been a tremendous asset to our group.  Their expansion into the European Marketplace has been very successful and we'd like to thank them personally for working with our European Members, affording them top notch product support, creative buy-in packages that won't break the bank and also for promoting their Exotics line, with some of the best heads the industry has to bear...  Another slam-dunk for the ICG!

What a lineup so far, huh?  But wait, there's still more!

Flightscope!  What can we say about these guys?  They've ALWAYS been a supporter of the ICG. Passed along some very nice discounts relative to our group at the Orlando PGA show.  Have always been there with a 1st. class technical support department and have afforded us a Flightscope unit to use at our PGA Show, Demo Day at Orange County National...  Flightscope offers all type of units, new and reconditioned that will fit your budget...  Get into the next generation of Clubfitting!  Get Flightscope! Be there for one of the best presentations that this industry has to offer! 

So, tired of reading already?  How could we possibly have anything else?    Ready for a pint yet?  Ready to get that push cart (Sorry, meant "trolley") rolling at St. Andrews? Thinkin' of making those travel plans now?  Well, let us push you over the top...  There's still more!  Please read on!!!!!!!!

Last, but certainly not least, the ICG welcomes Chris Marino of PXG Golf!  A lot of us have known Chris, mostly from his days at Mitsubishi Rayon, for quite some time...  A solid and well respected individual, Chris is taking time out of his very busy schedule to come and present the PXG Brand to us on Sunday September 11th.  And, to steal a few words from Mr. Parsons' day as a Marine, PXG Golf and Chris, "Will be looking for a few good men" to represent the PXG Brand and carry its success far into the European Continent!  So, if you haven't given it much thought of coming, now may be the time to do so... Come, inquire and take your business to the next level of success!  Be with us on the golf range to try this amazing PXG product out for yourself!  Join in, like so many of us have in North America and Asia, promote, fit and sell a brand that has set the bar for technologically advanced, high performance golf equipment... 

PXG, makes clubs like no one else, period...  We, the ICG, offer our members opportunities like no one else, period...  What are you waiting for?  Join us in St. Andrews...  You'll be very glad that you did...  We promise... Here's the signup page with more details ...Contact Gerald Friz with questions or if you need help signing up.



Frank Viola