September 2016 Message from the President
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September 2016 Message from the President

September 2016 will turn out be a banner month for ICG regional chapter meetings, with the Europe Chapter meeting in St Andrews, Scotland on September 9th thru 11th, the Florida Chapter holding their second meeting at the LPGA center in Daytona Beach September 18th and 19th and the Great Lakes Chapter holding their Fall meeting on September 25th in Fenton Township, Michigan.

Five of our BOD directors (Frank Viola, Gerald Friz, Ray Tomaszewski, Agustin Sanchez, myself), International BOD advisory member Miki Rapado, joined 26 other members in 2.5 days of meetings and golf. 11 countries in all were represented, continuing our trend of putting the I in International. Workshop presenters included Jef Carr of Flightscope, Michael Welwarsky on Single Length Irons, Gawain Robertson and Lee Porter (Accra and True Temper Plus), Corey Moulton of Tour Edge Exotics, Chris Marino of PXG, Russ Ryden on Shaft Profiling, and a Business Model Panel (Gerald, Jacques, Frank, and Russ) with plenty of discussion from most attendees.

All sessions but PXG have been recorded and will all be up in our Resource Library (which now has over 75 articles) by the end of this month. PXG presented information only available for our attendees. PXG has since opened up 3 (and counting) European attendees as new accounts, proof that attending ICG meetings has major benefits - by the end of this month, 25% of the attendees will have PXG accounts. Other meeting highlights included the presentation of Distinguished Service Awards (DSA) to Gerald Friz (ICG web work and Europe Chapter Work) and Agustin Sanchez (Europe and Spain Chapter Work and Translation of ICG Test Bank from English into Spanish). Again, kudos to ICG VP Gerald Friz for organizing an amazing and highly successful event.

The BOD has voted that moving forward all certified members must maintain a certain level of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points over a five year period. Points will be earned by attending regional chapter meetings, the PGA Show, watching webinars and answering survey questions on them, contributing articles to the Resource Library, entering (Clubmaker of the Year) COY competitions, earning a DSA and so on.

On the COY note, members can enter via the COY Survey in our Members Only section. Members must be certified by October 15th to be eligible for Round 2 (Video Essays) of the COY.

So what’s next? We’re gearing up for the 2017 PGA Show (January 23 to 27). We’ll be returning to Room W209B and the Demo Day (Tee 5) and are working hard on two projects: our first online Launch Monitor course, and translation of the certification test bank into Simplified Mandarin. Our goal is to have both ready by the PGA Show. In addition BOD members are coming up with a list of projects we’d like to implement by the 2018 PGA Show.

Have a good idea on how to help us continue to move forward, and willing to do the work to make it a reality? Please email me. If it is in line with our mission statement, we’ll add it to the Task or Project list.

We are the ICG

Jacques Intriere

[email protected]