Winter 2018 Message from the President
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Winter 2018 Message from the President

The 2018 PGA Show is less than a month away. For the fourth year in a row, we’ll be participating at the Demo Day (Tee #5) and be in room W209B conveniently located off the main floor of the Orange County Convention Center.

Highlights of our meeting there include our participating sponsors (MR3 True Blue, Golf Shafts America, Billy Bob’s, Orka, Eric Burch), 2018 Hall of Fame Induction (Alan Hocknell, Bob Parsons, Arnold Palmer, Bill Lange, Dave Makarucha), 2018 COY awards (Worldwide COY Matt Grabowy, North America COY Tony Curro, Europe COY David Canet, Australia COY Adriaan Dorshorts), two ICG panels (Fitting Case Studies, Putter Fitting), and our annual PGA Show Special. Stop by the range or meeting room to participate, mingle, or just take a rest break. All awards and workshops will be videoed and later closed captioned, and our PGA Show Special will be available at our web site, so you can catch up if you’re unable to attend. COY submission videos will soon be available in our ICG Resource/Webinar Library.

As in past years, our Show success will depend on our volunteer members’ work efforts. Europe VP Gerald Friz has created a form where you can select volunteer times. Our most pressing need is to have members help Secretary Ray Tomaszewski setup and breakdown our tent at the Demo Day. Please click on the link to volunteer. 

Speaking of volunteer efforts, Asia VP Eric Ng and Gerald Friz have coordinated with a translation company in China, to make both of our certification exams available in Simplified Mandarin. This should help continue to foster our growth in Asia, and raise professional development. Future certification efforts will include translation into Mandarin and Korean.

Have a good idea on how to help us continue to move forward, and willing to do the work to make it a reality? Please email me. If it is in line with our mission statement, we’ll add it to the Task or Project list.

We are the ICG,

Jacques Intriere

ICG President