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Volume 6
Issue Number 2

May 2018

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1. 3rd Europe Chapter Meeting. 

2.  Message from our new ICG President Don Irving

3.  Golf Digest Best Clubfitter Application



1. Europe Chapter Meeting to be held in Dublin September 14 to 16.

The ICG continues to promote our mission of promoting and raising the art and craft of clubfitting/making internationally with our third biannual Europe Chapter Meeting.


3rd European Chapter Meeting in Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland, September 2018 14th-16th

Many thanks to Peter Doyle for finding a place like Castleknock Hotel (and Golfcourse) to host the 3rd European Chapter Meeting ! Castlenock is conveniently located, 15 minutes from Dublin airport and 15 minutes from the city center.

The Meeting will open with golf on Friday, September 14th, 2018 at Casteknock Golfcourse Opening meeting (with dinner) that evening, a full day of meetings on Saturday including coffees, lunch, and dinner, and a half day of meetings on Sunday, concluding with golf Sunday afternoon. 



 Our meeting hall has room for many participants as well as tables for participating sponsors. Registration will be $230for members, and $280for non-members or sponsors.  The registration fee covers golf on friday and sunday, all meals and meeting room costs. Please care for your stay by yourself. We have blocked several rooms in the hotel, so be quick.

We have special rates in Castleknock Hotel. Please book directly at the hotel.
Rate for a single room 150.00 per room on the 14th & 15th Sep (Friday & Saturday)
Rate for a double room is 160.00 per room on the 14th Sep & 15th Sep (Friday & Saturday)
Rate for a single room 110.00 per room on the 16th Sep (Sunday)
Rate for a double room is 120.00 per room on the 16th Sep (Sunday)

Castleknock Hotel, Porterstown Road, castleknock, Dublin, 15 
Phone: +353(0)1 640 6333
email: [email protected]

We need your answer as soon as possible. Last time, we have had more then 30 attendees. This year, we also expect members from North America (including Gawain Robertson, Frank Viola, Jacques Intriere) and spouses attending at the meeting. Take the chance to meet your friends and colleagues of the International Clubmakers Guild !

If you want to share your experience as a clubmaker at the meeting, you are highly welcome to send us ([email protected]) your proposal for a presentation. Each presentation should take 30-45 mins.  Meeting in English.

If you want to act as a sponsor, please send me a separate note for details. (Meeting sponsoring includes a table in the meeting room to present PR-materials and/or products and a speaker slot on Saturday or Sunday)

For registration select your form (you have to be logged in at least as 'basic contact'):
-          Paypal: 


Castleknock Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


September, September, 14th-16th,  2018

Draft Agenda (will be filled, as soon all presenters and sponsors are known)


Friday, Sept. 14th



Teetime Castleknock


Offical ICG Dinner in the Castleknock Hotel



Saturday, Sept. 15th

Meeting Room Castleknock Hotel

09.00 - 09:15



Presentation Slot 1


Short break


Presentation Slot 2 


Presentation Slot 3 




Presentation Slot 4 (long slot)






Presentation Slot 5


Presentation Slot 6


Offical ICG Dinner



Sunday, Sept. 16th

Meeting Room Castleknock Hotel


Presentation Slot 7


Presentation Slot 8


Final discussion / Open topics 
and Move to the Golfcourse


Teetime course tba


Hope to see you there!

Gerald Friz
ICG Europe VP


2.  Message from New ICG President Don Irving.

As the newly elected President of the ICG, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our previous President, Jacques Intriere, for his years of dedicated service to the advancement of the ICG.  Under his direction, the ICG has grown to be a strong one-of-a-kind organization.  It is the only world wide organization promoting the craft of clubmaking and clubfitting as well as providing certification programs available to all its members.  Membership in an organization in which you can earn a certification goes a long way to gaining the public’s confidence and will impact on the growth of your business whether it is full time or part time. 

The Board of Directors (BoD) has been working on providing the certification exams in Mandarin.  This is a very substantial undertaking and we are getting closer to its completion.   Thanks to the hard work of Gerald Friz and Eric Ng.  The BoD feels the potential for growth of the ICG in the Asian market is tremendous and will continue to work diligently towards that goal.                                                                                  

I believe the backbone of the ICG is its membership and having members involved in forming and supporting local chapters is a great way to strengthen the organization.  I would strongly encourage our members to get involved in this endeavour, whether you start a chapter with two members or 20 members is not important. Getting started is the key. Growth will follow if we make the effort.

The European Chapter Meeting is being held this year in Ireland at the Castleknock Hotel and Golf Club on September 14-16.  Details are available on the ICG Website.  It is looking like it is going to be a fabulous meeting, with some great golf.  I would encourage all our members to take advantage of a trip to Ireland to attend this meeting.  The Spanish Chapter Meeting will take place in Madrid (Centro National de Golf) from July 14-15 and the Great Lakes chapter is planning a Fall event  Details will be posted on the ICG Website at a later date.

I would like to reinforce that the success of any organization lies in its members.  Without member support and feedback, growth of the ICG is much more difficult.  The BoD has developed a survey to help the Board determine what the members are thinking and how willing and available  the members are to get involved in various activities.  Please take a few moments and complete the survey so the Board can gain a clearer idea of what the direction the ICG should head and what resources we have.   We all have different strengths.  By bringing these strengths together we can become a better, stronger, more dynamic organization. We need you!

Don Irving 

President ICG



3.  News.

Mike Stachura has sent the ICG the application for the 2019 Golf Digest Best Clubfitter list. Members can access here.

A hot new thread in our forums is a discussion of epoxy allergies.  Catch up or contribute to the conversation here.


JOIN NOW- If youve learned anything at all about us in the last couple years - were not your Grandfathers clubmaking/fitting organization.  Join us, you wont be disappointed!


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