Fall 2019 Presidential Message
Press Releases

The year is swiftly coming to an end and hopefully we have all had a good year both professionally and personally.  The Board of Directors has been busy with getting the certification exams translated into Mandarin in anticipation of strong growth in China.  We are almost there and expect to have the remaining kinks ironed out by the end of the year.  

We have also put into place a new system of communication for board meetings, which is working very well and at a substantial savings to the ICG.  In addition, this year we established a social media committee and this committee is asking the ICG members for help.   They want to use various social media to promote the ICG.  They would like the members to send in video clips (one minute or less) so that they can then post them on various social media platforms.  The videos can be on any aspect of clubmaking, clubfitting, repairs, tricks of the trade, etc.  We need your help for this to be a success.  Send your videos to Peter Doyle at [email protected]

The Board of Directors has once again decided to participate in the PGA Show in Orlando at the same location – Room W209B.  This year we are planning a full program for the room and as soon as everything is finalized, we will be sending out the schedule of events so that our members can make the necessary arrangements to attend.  We will have the schedule well in advance of the PGA Show.  We hope to see many of our members attending the 2020 PGA Show.  It is a great opportunity to network as well as to see our fellow clubmakers we do not get to see very often.  And we will, of course, need your help in making our presence at the PGA Show a success.  Volunteers will be essential for this success.

Please note that we have decided not to participate in Demo Day at the Show.  This is a time consuming and costly event that has not produced the results we had hoped.


Don Irving

ICG President