Spring has finally arrived and for most of us this should be the time to start the golf season.  However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is having a major impact on the world wide community and our own personal lives.   Hopefully, we can all get through this and return to normal life in the not too distant future.  In view of the disruption to our lives that Covid-19 is causing, the BOD has agreed to continue the special given at the PGA Show, where if you pay for a 1 yr. membership you will receive the second year at no  charge . Also we are offering a 2 for 1 special for the certification exams . Take one for the regular fee and take the second at no charge. We are also extending the grace period for lapsed memberships from 1 month to three months

The PGA Show in Orlando was very successful and if you missed it, you can now see many of the presentations, which were video taped.  They can be seen in the “Resources” section of the ICG Website.   Many have been posted already, and we hope to have the remainder available to be put on the ICG website in the near future.  And speaking of our Website, it has been updated to be more compatible with mobile  devices .  So check it out, there is a lot of great information available.

The translation of the ICG certification exams into Mandarin is in its final stages. We have a volunteer to take the exams and once he has done this, if there are no hiccups, the certification exams in Mandarin will be ready to put on the ICG Website. Our next project will be to have the exams available in Korean

As there were no nominations put forward, the Board of Directors will remain unchanged for the upcoming year.  On of the projects the BOD is working on is the revival of the Webinar series, which was a very popular feature.  Stay tuned for more information on this project as it unfolds.  

The Social Media Committee is still in need of content to put on various social media platforms.  If you are able to support this initiative, please send any pictures or short (1-2 minutes)videos that would be suitable to Peter Doyle at [email protected].

These are very difficult times for the whole world , times like we have never seen before. We must be patient and prudent . I wish you all the best in the upcoming year so keep healthy and remember this too will pass


Sincere regards

Don Irving