Summer 2021 Presidential Message

The last 1 and ½ years have been a very challenging time for many people.  The onset of the global pandemic, Covid-19, has turned our world upside down.  Many businesses have been devastated by it.  One industry that has not only survived the pandemic, but has seen a major growth spurt, is the golf industry.  We have seen a great increase in new golfers as well as golfers that had put golf on the back burner now returning to the game.  Many of our ICG members have reported huge increases in their business volume.  With the end of the pandemic in sight, I believe many of the golfers who are new or returning will stay with the game.  This has and will provide an opportunity to professional clubmakers to increase their business significantly by providing true custom fit clubs to their customers.

With the increased interest in golf, I would encourage each ICG member to think of someone who would benefit from being an ICG member.  There will never be a better time than now as the Board is continuing the 2 for 1 special for new and returning members.  Until further notice, you can pay for a 1 year membership and receive a two year membership.  The same special is also being offered for the clubmaker and clubfitter certification exams, take one and get the second free.

With the restrictions from Covid-19 being slowly lifted it would be a great time to start planning Chapter meetings.  Currently the European Chapter, after several postponements, is now scheduled to meet in St. Andrews, Scotland on 7-9 October, 2022.  If you are planning on attending this meeting, you can get more information from Peter Doyle at [email protected]  

We are in the process of looking for participants from our sponsors to revive the Webinars series, which were so very popular with the membership.  When we have more concrete plans we will let the membership know the schedule of Webinars. 

The recent Board of Directors Meeting has resulted in only one change.  We are pleased to welcome John Wade to the Board.  John will be a great addition to the Board.  

As you know, for the last several years, the Board has had a presence at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.  The Board has not yet decided whether or not we will maintain our presence there.  If you, as an ICG member, have any thoughts on this, we would appreciate hearing from you to let us know your thoughts.  

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity to ask all members to think about what skills they might be able to bring to the ICG.  There are many tasks that need to be done. By setting up committees to address these needs the workload can be spread out and not fall on just one person. If you have computer skills, video skills, accounting skills, technical expertise, etc., the ICG would greatly benefit from them.  The more the ICG members contribute to the organization the stronger and more dynamic the ICG will become.  So let us know what you have to offer, it will be greatly appreciated. Please email us at [email protected] if you'd like to join or chair a committee or task force.

In closing, I would like to wish each and every ICG member a rewarding season this year with good health and safety. 


Don Irving 

ICG President