After serving four years as President of the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG), it is time for me to pass this role on to another member.  At the Board of Directors’ Meeting on April 20th, 2022, officers were elected for the upcoming year. 


Your new President is Gerald Friz from Germany.  Gerald is one of the top clubfitters in the world and he has outstanding IT skills.  I know he will do an excellent job as President.  The other officers elected are:  Secretary – Peter Doyle from Ireland; Treasurer – Matt Grabowy based in Washington, DC; and Assistant Treasurer -- Ray Tomaszewski based in Ohio. I am confident these officers will all serve the Board well.  I will remain as a Board member for another term. 

At this time I would like to bring your attention to a recent ICG Webinar put on by True-Sports.  There was a lot of great information presented during this Webinar and I think all who attended had a very enjoyable seminar.  If you were unable to attend, the Webinar has been posted to the ICG Website and you can watch it by clicking on the following link:  Resources (

It is early in the year, but not too early to start thinking about Clubmaker of the Year (COY) Awards.  This year the COY awards are going to be presented to the winners at the European Chapter Meeting, which is being held in St. Andrew’s Scotland October 7– 9, 2022.  This is a fantastic opportunity to enter the competition and possibly win an award and have it presented to you in the birthplace of golf.   So fill out the COY survey and get the ball rolling.  You can access the COY Awards at the following link:  ICG 2022 COY Survey (

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to play at St. Andrew’s and attend the wonderful seminars that will be presented at the European Chapter Meeting, you can access meeting details and the registration form via the following link:  European Chapter Meeting in St.Andrews October 2022 (

As a final note, I have enjoyed being President of the ICG and have been very fortunate to work with such talented people on the Board of Directors.  I would like at this point to remind the members that the BOD needs members to step up to the plate and share their ideas and abilities with us. If you have particular talents that you can share with the Board, please let us know.  I believe the only way the ICG can remain strong is by having a membership that is strong.  When you share your individual capabilities it will help us to achieve this goal. 


I wish you all good health and a wonderful golf season for 2022!